RAK Recordings




We now offer reamping services for you! This also includes custom bass tones to sit perfectly with your new guitar tones. Its simple, pick the number of songs from the drop down menu below, and find an amp you like from the list. Then, in the comment section at checkout, you would just tell us which amp and cab choice you would like, what genre of music the song(s) are, if you want a clean or heavy tone, and we will get you a tone within 1 day. You must also email us the guitar di tracks, and a mix down of your current mix without guitars to



-Dual Rec
-Triple Rec
-Mark V


-JCM 900


All of the tones will be ran into the computer and an ir speaker will be applied to them. This will give a very consistent tone across the entire album. No need to worry if the mic was placed correctly for the next session, just record the raw head di, and apply the impulse response.


5150 4x12
Mesa OS 4x12
Mesa 2x12
Bugera 212ts
Engl 4x12
Randall 4x12
Randall 2x12
Zilla Fatboy 2x12
Orange ppc 4x12
Orange ppc 2x12

many, many more options. If there is something in this list you do not see, ask us. Im sure we have it, or something comparable. Or, if you would like us to find something that we think sounds good, that is an option as well.